Skin Care Social Media Calendar

A 2021 Content Calendar specifically for DIY Skin Care Entrepreneurs

The ULTIMATE Social Media Calendar for Skin Care Makers…

…comes with MULTIPLE digital products all in one quick download!!!

This skinpreneur’s resource has it all:

• 2021 Goal-Setting Funnel (for annual, quarterly, and monthly goals)

• editable Content Calendar to organize and plan all of your business tasks and marketing efforts

174 post prompts to tell your business story and increase engagement

80 beauty and skin care holidays you need to be mentioning on your account

• Monthly Growth Tracker to see all of your audience growth and ecommerce sales

Skin Care Social Media Calendar Prompts are Perfect for…






Take a peek inside!

Strategically Plan Your Entire Year


…with a Goal-Setting Funnel that helps you map out your annual, quarterly, and monthly goals for 2021:

Annual Goal Setting Chart

Organize all of your business and marketing efforts…


…with access to an editable Google Sheets Template to visualize your tasks all at once:

2021 Content Calendar for Skin care makers

12 Full-Page Calendar Months that include:

• a social media topic for the day

• a detailed social media prompt idea for the day

• monthly focus/highlight

• all specific to the handmade skin care industry!


By posting every other day (instead of the rumored ‘every day’ or even ‘multiple times a day’), you can:

1. Discover where your REAL audience is

2. Maximize the longevity and reach of EVERY post

3. Benefit from the value of varied responses

This LESS is MORE strategy will save you time, stress, and energy…all while gaining insight and ideas otherwise impossible. 

Prefer a more accelerated posting schedule?

Two extra pages of beauty-specific holidays are included for dates that didn’t fall within our ‘every other day’ template.

These important holidays and milestones can be shown in Instagram and Facebook Stories, mentioned in blog posts, and as additional post content if your prefer to post once a day.

Track your audience and revenue growth every month…


…quickly see business trends and your most successful marketing channels:

Audience and Sales Tracker for Skin Care Makers

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