Skin Care Product Packaging

Your product packaging and label designs are the first thing your online customers will see on your site to determine what kind of a business you are.

Do you want your containers to announce that your line is ‘luxury skin care’ or communicate a more carefree ‘young and bubbly’ feel?

The containers below are a basic starting point to get your ideas rolling – make sure to keep the values of your company, your mission, and your target market front of mind as you consider your choices.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. This is at no cost to you, and I only share products that I use and love myself.  Please read my disclosure for more information.

Product Containers

1 oz Amber Dropper Bottles

A multi-use container to keep your cost of goods down as low as they can go for your handmade shop.

This perfectly sized 1 oz dropper bottle can be used for beard oils, face serums, hair serums, birthing oils, diffuser synergies, massage oils, and more.

Always go with amber when storing this amount of natural product – it is the best color for long-lasting and nutrient-rich formulas.

Added bonus, we use the same size labels on these as we do our lip balms and tints. Solid production cost decision!

1 oz Round Aluminum Tins with Twist Tops

Metal tins are a great way to have more sustainable, reusable packaging in your product line. The aluminum doesn’t rust, so they can be washed and repurposed after the initial product runs out.

A sweet little container to use with smaller sized items, such as cuticle creams and travel size products for your skin care line.

2 oz Round Aluminum Tins with Twist Tops

A larger version of the sustainable tins above, also with a screw top to help during transit.

Another fantastic multi-use container for larger quantities of product, such as eye creams, nursing balms, and hand-held lotion bars.

2 oz Twist-Up Deodorant Tubes

These twist-top tubes hold much more than deodorant! Our customers love them for larger lotion bars, warming muscle balms, and belly butters so that they can keep their hands clean during application.

This size of container is extremely giftable for baby showers and birthdays, so make sure to get gift boxes along with them for an easy upsell option. It doesn’t matter what sort of balm or lotion we put in here, they sell incredibly well!

4 oz Glass Spray Bottles for Air & Linen Sprays

Glass spray bottles are the ideal container for air and linen sprays, bug and tick sprays, and natural disinfectants.

The amber color will keep your solutions away from UV rays that can ruin the effectiveness and scent of the essential oils.

Using distilled water with any spray top will keep the nozzle from getting clogged with contaminants (inorganic minerals, metals, etc.).

10mL Glass Roller Bottles for Aromatherapy and Serums

These roller ball bottles are great for so many wellness and skin care products.

We currently use them for topical aromatherapy applications, but they are also useful for under eye serums, cuticle oils, roll-on perfumes, and more.

This amber version helps to filter out UV rays (which could lengthen the shelf life of the formula inside), but there are other fun color options available, such as royal blue, emerald green, and even a magenta pink. 

Kraft Paper Laundry Bags

Heat sealable zip lock bags that fold out to stand on their own. A major step up from the typical tin-tie kraft paper bags. This design is more professional and sanitary, making your laundry soap or bath salts stand out from others on ecommerce marketplaces.

This version features rounded corners, laminated interior (essential oils won’t soak through the paper!), and a window so you can see the product inside. Outside can be written on with marker, stamped on, or adhesive label application.

Kraft Soap Boxes

Most natural-soap-buyers are interested in ecofriendly, sustainable materials. These soap boxes are 100% recycled paper with no plastic used.

This windowless packaging helps to keep the scent of essential oils in the soap and allow for larger labels and branding on the exterior of the box.

Could also be used for different quantity of lip balm or lip tint bundles if looking for multi-use packaging!

Oval Lip Balm Tubes

There is just something about these oval tubes that customers LOVE. They’re just slightly different than your typical lip chap container, and that makes it fun to gift and easy to identify.

As other perks, the shape makes them easier to keep in a pocket, easier to find as you’re blinding searching the bottom of your purse, and…they’re easier to photograph during your product shoots because they don’t roll around! Wins all around.

Standard lip balm labels and shrink wrap still fit this shape.

Slim Line Lip Gloss Tubes

These thin twist-up tubes are perfect for more feminine products, such as lip tints and stains.

The smaller capacity of 0.07 oz is about half that of a regular lip balm tube, a point to highlight on your product listing. I have found that I can use the same size labels for these as I can on the oval lip balm tubes (with different placement of text and graphics), which is a bulk-purchasing win!

Label Resources • Blank and custom labels, design tools, and templates

Avery is your one-stop-shop for all things related to labels. Single sheet labels that you can put through your home office printer, blank roll labels, design them yourself online and have them print for you, or use their free templates and print or order those. So many options!

They also have business cards, stickers, and hang tags…basically anything you need for our industry.

MLA designs • Boutique branding for small businesses

If making skin care products is your bag, but graphic design is not, MLAdesigns is a great shop to get made-for-you labels and other small business marketing design sets.

Michelle (the shop owner) has premade designs that you can use as-is, you can request changes to an existing design in her shop, or you can reach out for a brand new idea altogether.

A skilled graphic designer that loves custom work – and a great way to support another small business!

Shrink Wrap & Washi Tape

Assorted Shrink Wrap Bundle, 1/2″ – 4 1/2″ Diameter

Shrink wrap is a pretty tricky item to purchase if you don’t know the exact size you need for your container. Since the types and variety of containers you could use for your skin care shop are endless, I am showcasing an assorted pack that will let you test before buying hundreds that don’t fit correctly.

As you’re sampling, remember that the plastic should slip easily over the product and shrink down quickly with the use of a heat gun. If the heat is applied for too long, the plastic will burn and shrivel up. If you have to apply heat for an extended amount of time or it doesn’t tighten, use the next size down.

Gold Foil Washi Tape

If you have a 100% natural and organic skin care line, it is probable that your target market would appreciate an alternative to the plastic shrink wrap shown above.

Washi tape is very thin, non-permanent adhesive that can easily be wrapped around the openings of jars and bottles for a more sustainable, tamper-evident material.

The colors and designs available are super wide-reaching, making it an easy ‘accessory’ to use for special branding touches.


Drawstring Cotton Muslin Bags

These lightweight fabric bags are such an easy win for adding some flair to your product line.

Durable cotton bags that can be stamped with your logo for a step up in your natural branding efforts.

This particular cloth bag listing has four different sizes to chose from so that they fit your products well. One of my personal favorite packaging details that you can personalize in so many different ways! 

Small Kraft Paper Jewelry Boxes

We’ve been using recycled jewelry boxes as our standard product packaging for years, and customers are always delighted to have such an unexpected surprise to open.

This small gift box size fits up to two lip balms perfectly (or one slim line lip tube if placed at an angle). Other sizes can fit a lip balm and roller bottle, a set of 6 lip balms, small lotion bars, etc. Endless possibilities.

Add a logo sticker to the top, tie with satin ribbon, and you have a winning presentation.

Satin Ribbon Rolls for Gift Packaging

Ribbon is such an easy detail to add to any package that makes a big impact. People LOVE feeling special, and what is more awesome than getting to untie a package?

Don’t save it just for gift packaging – add to personal orders to make your customers feel pampered and appreciated!

Pro Tip: If you make any personalized wedding favor listings in your shop, allowing the bride-to-be or shower host to pick a color of ribbon that matches the wedding theme will earn you custom inquiries out the door!

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