DIY Skin Care Business Instagram Hashtag Packs

Researched Hashtag Packs for Handmade Entrepreneurs

Nine sets of researched Instagram hashtags specifically for DIY skin care entrepreneurs (makers, sellers, bloggers, influencers…)

Wondering what the difference is between a ‘RESEARCHED’ hashtag and a ‘popular’ hashtag?

Keep scrollin’!

Hashtag Research Demystified

So. You’ve already started your DIY skin care business and you’re making Instagram posts daily.

  • You’re sharing beautiful product and process photos.
  • You’re writing valuable and engaging captions.
  • You’re including great CTAs.
  • You’re using all 30 hashtags.

But still…crickets. Nothing. No new followers in sight.

You’re proably thinking…

“Are hashtags even still relevant? Is Instagram DEAD???”

YES, hashtags are still VERY relevant. Actually, they’re ESSENTIAL to getting found.

NO, Instagram is not dead. Actually, it’s doing very, very well.

So well, in fact, that you have to have an actual STRATEGY to use the platform effectively as a business owner.

That includes using the correct hashtags, using them in the right combination, and rotating them as needed.

“Well then, what are the most popular hashtags on Instagram?”


If that was on the tip of your tongue, you’re asking the WRONG question.

Because Instagram has become SO big, SO successful, you don’t WANT the most popular hashtags.

Think about it.

The ‘Top 50’ hashtags (#love, #beauty, #happy…to name a few) are being used SO frequently that there are millions upon MILLIONS of posts that use them.

What are the chances of those hashtags helping YOUR post be seen? (Answer: zilch, I’m afraid)

Even popular hashtags JUST in our industry (#dryskin, #soycandles, #handmadesoap…) are still WAAAYYYYY too overused to get your account ANY new eyes at all.

“So…how do you get your hashtags noticed on Instagram?”

Now THAT is a better question!

Answer: Using hashtags that are moderately used (but still searched for by your target audience) will BOOST your visibility and the number of eyes on your post – which is the whole goal, right???

If searching for these perfect hashtags is intriguing to you, see my tutorial on how to do hashtag research.

If you’d rather have it done for you, Every. Single. Hashtag. in our packs have been researched so that you don’t have to guess what is too popular or too under-used.

They’re ALL in The Sweet Spot of 5k to 500k posts.

Every pack comes with 5 expert tips that walk you through how to use the hashtags in an actual Instagram marketing STRATEGY.

Choose the lists below that are relevant to your skin care business and GET BACK to making your amazing products!

Best Instagram Hashtag Set for Skin Care Makers

Get the best bang for your buck with the pack that includes


• essential oil hashtags

• natural ingredient hashtagas

• natural living community hashtags

• shop handmade hashtags

• bath, body, & facial care hashtags

• handmade soap hashtags

• handmade candle hashtags

• trending phrases and issues hashtags

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