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15 Sections of Step-by-Step Tutorials for Your Business:

Target Market • Creating Your Product List • Naming Your Business • Color Palette • Font Pairings • Copy ‘Voice’ • Visual Elements • Packaging & Labels • Product Photography • Website Sections • Customer Service • Choosing Your E-commerce Platform

Flatlay overview of Branding Natural Essentials

What is ‘branding’ (and why is it important?)

Before compiling all of these skin care business branding resources, I sent out the following poll to my audience:

“What is the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘branding’?”

A. Colors and Fonts

B. Customer Service

C. Social Media Post Captions

100% of my audience chose Colors and Fonts.

And it’s no wonder. It has been ingrained in our heads that if you are looking to ‘brand’ your business, you choose your color palette, logo, print some business cards, and then just throw yourself out there.

I get it.

Believe me, I get it.

To create a product line you are proud of and THEN to embark on the process of listing an item for sale…it is beyond exciting to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s a huge step towards making a life that YOU love and that YOU are in charge of. It is thrilling.

But launching your business and listing that product before fully fleshing out your brand only means that you’re putting off a successful dream business even longer.

Going from step C to Z, skipping the first steps (plus MAJOR ones in between) are so incredibly obvious to customers (or more appropriately, lack thereof).

The reality is that branding is ALL of the items above.

Colors and fonts. Customer service. Social media captions.

If you take the time to think about your ENTIRE business and how it will all work together, you will save MORE time and have MORE success in the long run.

The line between branding and marketing can be a bit fuzzy sometimes.

And that makes sense, because they do overlap.

branding vs. marketing venn diagram

You attract a NEW customer because of your marketing.

You get a LOYAL customer because of your exceptional branding identity.

You created SUCCESSFUL marketing in the first place because of your attention to the importance of building a clear brand experience.

They’re both tightly intertwined (when done well!).

This is the key to long-term success and growing a scalable skin care business.

All of the branding resources on this page have been written and organized to take you from Step A to Step Z…every ebook and every worksheet presented will ensure that you are 100% consistent in ALL aspects of your skin care business branding.

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