Branding Guide for Handmade Skin Care Businesses

(Branding Natural Essentials)

by Christine Glaser, owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials

Wow wow wow…absolute gold dust. This is what  I needed when I started my journey all those years ago!! 

The entire ebook is a blueprint for launching a skincare business. This is a must for anyone who wants to run an artisan skin care line.” – Selina G.

A step-by-step guide to get your skin care product line ready to launch on any ecommerce site!!!

Wow! I have done so many classes, joined so many groups, paid so much money but nothing comes close to this! It’s concise, to the point, covers everything step by step, and is a MUST HAVE guide. I wish I had this when I started my business…above and beyond what I have come across in most courses.
Krishna Patel

skinIcare,, Follow Krishna on Instagram: @skinicareuk

What’s Included?

Flatlay of Business Branding Book for Handmade Skin Care Entrepreneurs

Section 1: A Fresh Look at Branding

Decide on the goals and mission of your skin care business, brainstorm how to organize the background and foreground of your business to stay consistent.

Section 2: Target Market & Avatar

Create your ideal customer base and narrow down their demographics, psychographics, and details that will provide a true connection to your product line.

Section 3: Creating Your Product List

Narrow down the exact list of skin care products you will sell with a winning market research strategy.

Section 4: Naming Your Business for Longevity

Secure a business name that will speak directly to your customers and stand the test of time.

Section 5: Choosing a Color Palette

Increase your brand awareness and communicate your company’s mission with an intentional color scheme.

Section 6: Choosing Font Pairings

Learn to choose fonts that work well on the computer screen AND product labels for ultimate design flexibility.

Section 7: Your Brand and Copy ‘Voice’

Combine YOUR personality with your customer base to create your ultimate businesss superpower.

Section 8: Essential Visual Elements

Design a branded profile picture, favicon, logo, and website banner that is ready to upload to your ecommerce site.

Section 9: Packaging & Labels

Discover skin care product packaging options, as well as label materials and printing ideas.

Section 10: The Unboxing Experience

Learn how to give your customers a memorable first impression and brag-worthy unboxing experience.

Section 11: Clickable Product Photography

Tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to make your photo sessions efficient and EFFECTIVE.

Section 12: Must-Have Website Sections

Write a successful Home Page, About Page, sales page, FAQ page, and converting product descriptions.

Section 13: Memorable Customer Service

Must-have templates for responding to customer inquiries, requests, and reviews.

Section 14: Choosing Your Ecommerce Platform

Learn the differences between the two best ecommerce platforms for skin care makers and which one is right for YOUR particular business and situation.

Section 15: Pricing Your Products for Profit

Learn to price for retail, wholesale, and discounts – and what to do when your line isn’t earning you a profit.

Section 16: Final Branding Checklist

All of your assignments, resources, and questions in one spot for easy task management.


Find out how to attract your ideal customer to your skin care line through in-depth research, assignments, and fleshed-out examples that will help you create a STATEMENT with your company.

Branding portion of the skin care business branding guide


Choose your packaging, labels, gift boxes, and shipping boxes with INTENTION. You’ll even craft the perfect responses for common customer inquiries so that you’re ready for anything (even on your ‘not-feeling-so-customer-servicey’ days).

Package and labeling portion of the skin care business branding guide


Create a professional profile picture for all of your accounts, design website banners, write the elevator pitch for your Home Page, master the art of product descriptions and photography, and must-have policies for any skin care maker. Plus, that ‘little detail’ called PROFITABLE product pricing.

Website design portion of the skin care business branding guide

Wow wow wow…absolute gold dust. This is the what I needed when I started my journey all those years ago!! You are totally underselling yourself here.

The entire ebook is a blueprint for launching a skincare business. This is a must for anyone who wants to run an artisan skin care line.

Selina G.

Tropic Skin Care, Follow Selina on Instagram: @theskincare_atelierbyselina

I’ve been in business over 35 years and I have gleaned information in this book – quite a bit – that I have never learned…and I research. A lot. And have hired MULTIPLE professionals. This is AMAZING information and a LOT of it. There is a lot of useful info in this ebook that will save others MANY hours/months and a lot of money and frustration. It is worth 10 times the cost. Or more.
Terri D.

Retail Business Owner

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My name is Christine Glaser, and I am flat-out obsessed with teaching creative individuals how to turn their passion for natural living into scalable DIY skin care businesses from their own kitchens.

I built my own business while working the typical 9-5, while growing my babies, and then while I unexpectedly became a stay-at-home-mom.

This is so doable, whether you want a side-hustle or full-time gig.

BUT. It doesn’t happen overnight. I had to sift through about a million recipes, ingredients, ecommerce platforms, business plans, and templates that did NOT work to find the ones that DID.

Had I found a mentor in the actual handmade skin care niche, I could have built my business in about 0.0187% of the time. I’m determined to fill that need for you. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. is easier together.

Let’s do this!!!