Shipping and Unboxing Supplies

As an ecommerce seller, your goal is to get repeat customers that will tell others about your business.

The decisions you make about your shipping materials and presentation should be just as important as the product inside for a truly branded, memorable experience that is worth sharing.

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It’s easy starting out as a new business owner to grab the most affordable packaging options out there. Maybe even reuse old boxes and crumple up sheets of newspaper as your box filler.

If this matches your branding, then go for it. But make sure it is intentional from the start. If you are selling luxury skin care items, your customer will not be impressed with your balled up grocery store ad in their shipment. (Promise.)

First impressions start before the package is even opened. Make it match the message you are trying to tell with your business and other branding choices. And have fun with it!

Unboxing videos have become very popular on social media. Rightfully so! The customer’s experience begins the second their package is removed from their mailbox.

The ‘unboxing experience’ is what will make your products memorable, shareable, and giftable.

Example 1: Random order from Amazon that comes in a squished yellow mailer, product in a clear plastic baggie inside. Envelope is thrown away. Baggie tossed. And no way you’ll remember what vendor you purchased from.

Example 2: Item purchased from Apple (or, or Warby Parker…all fantastic examples) that comes in identifiable boxes with exciting stickers on the outside. The products inside are carefully padded for a perfect presentation when the box is opened. Containers are kept. Photo snapped and posted on social media in your excitement. And you are definitely remember where those items came from.

Which example does your current branding lean towards?

As an ecommerce seller, postal fees are one of the more costly aspects of your business. It is vital for you to know that the LEAST cost effective answer is to take your shipments directly to the post office.

If you sell on Etsy, make sure you go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Rates & Upgrades > Etsy Shipping Label Rates for the most economical pricing.

If you sell on Shopify, Squarespace, or other ecommerce platform, make sure to inquire about third party shipping services to save you tons of money on your postal costs.

Digital Postal Scale for Ecommerce Sellers

Since it is not cost-effective to purchase postage straight from the post office, having a postal scale at home so that you can buy shipping labels online is an absolute must.

This particular model is perfect for all my skin care business needs – it is a small weight scale (measures as small as 0.2g) so that I can use it for weighing out skin care ingredients as well as my packages up to 55 pounds. It can also be unplugged and run on batteries if I need to move my shipping station temporarily during busy seasons.

Printable Thank You Cards

Handwritten thank you cards are essential to my customer service and unboxing experience, and it only costs me a whooping two pennies per card. Seriously.

These printable postcards work in any printer, and simply adding your logo on top is sufficient and more than most handmade sellers do.

I have received countless messages with positive feedback, repeat customers, and reciprocated thank yous from this small detail that hardly costs a thing and less than five minutes of time (and such a fun way to connect with my customers – I adore it!).

Personable details make all the difference.

Shredded Paper Filler for Shipping Boxes

Crinkled paper is my personal favorite box filler because it makes every package feel like a gift experience.

Not only is this way better for the environment than packing peanuts or air-filled cushioning bags, but the variety of available colors the shred paper comes in makes it easy to match your business branding choices.

This is a bulkier item to ship, so I recommend getting a larger 10lb box if you can to cut down on delivery costs – it won’t spoil and you’ll always have some on hand.

Small Corrugated Shipping Boxes

I’m a HUGE fan of these white corrugated boxes because they’re sturdy, come in a variety of sizes, can be found from multiple vendors (in case one runs out or are on backorder I know I can find them elsewhere), and can be stamped on and stickered for inifinite branding possibilities.

Having just one type of packaging makes it easy to order in bulk, as well as creating an identifiable look that your loyal customers can know to expect – very important for consistent branding.

This particlar 6″ x 4″ x 3″ size meets about 90% of my customers needs – I stock up on this size and then various larger sizes for bulk orders.

Wooden ‘Handmade’ Stamp for Shipping Boxes

A wooden rubber stamp like this one (or even a custom stamp with your logo on it) makes it super easy to spice up the outside of your shipment boxes to provide your customers with a memorable experience.

Another very affordable detail that makes a difference in your overall branding and impressions.

(I highly recommend avoiding self inking stamps, as you actually have to bring those in to an office supply store to get refilled.)

ShipStation • Shipping Software for Online Sellers

When I sold on multiple platforms, I used ShipStation and I LOVED them. This shipping software integrates with tons of e-commerce stores, so you don’t have to enter order information separately. You can also link it to all your stores and it funnels your orders together (no more bouncing around to different platforms!).  A HUGE time-saver.

There is a monthly fee, but once you get to around 20 orders a month, the costs you save compared to normal post office prices pays for itself. And you can try it for free!

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