Handmade Skin Care Business Resources

Business Guides & Ebooks

Recipes, branding, marketing, planning, and business management printables.

Natural Ingredients

Butters, waxes, carrier oils, essential oils, herbs, clays, exfoliants, and micas for your 100% natural line.

Supplies & Equipment

Jars, boilers, pipettes, safety equipment, blenders, molds, bowls, funnels, and soaping tools.

Product Photography

Tripods, cameras, lighting equipment, photo boxes, tutorials, photo editors, and graphic design programs.

Product Packaging

Dropper bottles, aluminum tins, twist-up tubes, roller bottles, labels, shrink wrap, and presentation details.

Shipping & Unboxing

Postal scales, box filler, boxes, thank you cards, packaging tape, and shipping software

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