Miscellaneous Ingredients for DIY Skin Care

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Borax • Sodium tetraborate

Sodium tetraborate is a key ingredient in our natural laundry powder, and this version comes from the most environmentally stable mine in the United States.

There are some individuals that claim borax is not safe and should not be considered a green product addition. In our laundry soap recipe, it is incredibly safe with the recommended ingredients. Read this article about borax safety by Crunchy Betty to determine if you can stand behind using sodium tetraborate in your product line.

Castile Soap Bars • Fragrance Free, 100% Coconut Oil

Castile soap is a vegetable-based soap that is free from animal fats and synthetic ingredients.

This highly cleansing soap can remove germs, bacteria, dirt, and grease.

Incredibly eco-friendly, castile soap bars are a main ingredient in handmade laundry powder and are added to the recipe by grating or blending into incredibly tiny pieces.

This particular link to Kirk’s is a steal and includes 18 bars for a fantastic bulk price.

Distilled Water

Using distilled water rather than tap water is incredibly important when following skin care recipes, especially when making cold process soap. The impurities in regular water will mess with the saponification process and ruin your batch.

For various sprays that require water, a distilled version keeps the spray nozzels unclogged.

(Psst…you can get gallons of distilled water for less than a dollar at most local pharmacies or grocery stores.)

Lye • Sodium Hydroxide

If you know you’re going to be doing a bit of soap making, this bulk set (16 x 2lb containers) is a great deal.

Lye has a shelf life of about a year and will need to be tested if you have some left after that point. Expired lye will make it difficult for your soap to reach trace or ingredients may separate after poured.

Grab a single container of lye if you are just starting out and experimenting.

Menthol Crystals • Mentha arvensis

Menthol crystals are highly concentrated essential oil extracts.  They are natural, cool and refreshing; used topically to relieve minor aches and pains in joints and muscles.

This is a key ingredient in our warming muscle balm recipe and creates a tingle on the skin.

Crystals are added to a recipe after all other ingredients have melted on a stovetop – ideally poured into containers immediately after the menthol is dissolved and mixed into the formulation for maximum effectiveness.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a liquid extracted from plant oils (coconut, soy, or palm) that has a thick consistency similar to syrup. It attracts moisture to the skin, leaving skin hydrated and able to absorb more of the other ingredients in the recipe.

Glycerin is also used as a natural preservative and an emulsifier. It is added to our air &  linen sprays to help blend water with the essential oils.

Vitamin E, soy free, non-GMO • D-alpha tocopherol

Vitamin E is used for a variety of reasons in natural skin care products.

First, vitamin E contains antioxidants which help to rid the skin of free radicals (which helps to reduce age spots, fine lines, and stretch marks).

Vitamin E is also a natural preservative which helps handmade products have a longer shelf life before going rancid.

Washing Soda • Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is the sodium salt of carbonic acid and is used commonly in green cleaning products. The version shown here is completely fragrance and phosphate free, making it the perfect addition to natural laundry powder recipes.

Though natural, it should still not be inhaled (wearing a mask when handling is ideal) and as most of the ingredients on this list, kept out of reach from children.

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