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Organic Belly Balm Recipe (to Make and Sell Online)

Organic Belly Balm Recipe (to Make and Sell Online)

If your target market has the phrase 'natural living' floating around in their vocabulary, this organic belly balm recipe has your name all over it! Belly balm is used by women during their pregnancy to help delicate, stretching skin remain more comfortable, elastic,...

How to Make Organic Lip Balm to Sell Online

Learning how to make organic lip balm to sell online was the best financial decision I have ever made. The recipe below resulted in my first ten thousand dollars on Etsy - and that was back in 2014...before the real craze for organic skin care even began. Small as it...

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Over 70 pages of natural skin care and wellness recipes to grow your handmade ecommerce business…organic lip balm, face serums, under eye cream, CP soap, belly balm, +++ !

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