How to Use a Content Calendar (for your Skin Care Business)

Learning how to use a content calendar for my handmade skin care business was the biggest piece of the puzzle that (finally) resulted in a full-time income.

I spent YEARS trying to perfect SEO, posted picture after picture of my products on social media, pinned all the Pinterest pins, etc. without seeing consistent results from my efforts.

While working full-time HOURS on my business, I was not even close to generating a minimum wage.

Sound familiar? (Good news ahead…)

Once I mastered the concept of using a content calendar and how it helped in creating an actual business PLAN, everything went up.

Sales went up, productivity went up, efficiency went up, confidence went up, and the FUN I had building my business went up.

I am beyond excited to share my process so that you can experience the same in your own skin care business!

How to Use a Content Calendar for your Skin Care Business

What is a Content Calendar?

In a sentence, a content calendar is a tool to organize ALL of the information you put out into the world about your business.

For a career skin care maker, this could include product launch dates, sales and events, blog posts, outgoing emails and newsletters, social media posts, Pinterest pins, and other marketing avenues specific to your niche.

Keeping all of that information organized is best achieved on a spreadsheet, as you can see in the screenshot below (taken from the Skin Care Social Media & Content Calendar):

2021 Content Calendar for Skin care makers

Why Should You Use a Content Calendar for your Skin Care Business?

Reason #1:

Most skin care entrepreneurs are a business of ONE. It’s a lot to juggle.

Keeping a content calendar is a very clean, impactful way to see your business tasks all at once.

Planning those tasks all in one spot and checking them off as you go identifies which aspects of your plan are working for you and which ones you need to manage differently.

Reason #2:

If you set up a content calendar strategically (we will do that together in steps 1-10 below!), you will see how all of your efforts connect together and how each cell on your spreadsheet is the piece of a larger business plan.

The visual impact of a well-planned spreadsheet is incredibly motivational and helps to stick to an actual marketing strategy.

When Should You Plan Your Content Calendar?

To make and meet long-term business goals, a content calendar works the best when planned annually.

For most established entrepreneurs, this happens in December in preparation for the new year.

If you’re starting your business (or restrategizing) at any other time, simply have the next 12 months in mind when planning. June to May, September to August, etc.

Free Skin Care Business Resource Guide

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Skin Care Business Resource Guide

How Do I Set Up a Content Calendar?

If you are a handmade skin care maker, I recommend downloading the Skin Care Social Media & Content Calendar so that you can follow along step-by-step in your own copy that matches the visuals below.

Step 1: Set Goals for the Year

  • If you are following along in the calendar recommended above, open the Google Sheets content calendar template and click on the first pink tab (bottom of the screen) that says ‘Goal Funnel’.
  • Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal for the year (Specific, Measurable, Acheivable, Realistic, Timely)
Arrow pointing to a SMART annual goal in the content calendar template
  • Break this one goal down into quarterly goals based on what you already know about your next 12 months.

As makers, our busiest season is Quarter 4 in preparation for the holiday season (you may have other peak seasons depending on your business model).

Keep these in mind as you plan. You won’t be able to put the same amount of energy into a rebrand or new product formulation while also fulfilling Black Friday orders. Plan mindfully.

arrows pointing to quarterly goals on content calendar
  • Break your quarterly goals down into monthly goals.

Business busy-ness aside, don’t forget about your personal schedule. Do you have a vacation planned in the coming year? Or kids with full activity schedules?

Note: You should always be working towards your goals…just make sure they’re planned in a way that will set you up for success and balance.

arrows pointing to monthly goals in the skin care content calendar
  • Dedicate a certain time every single week that you will be working specifically on your goal.

Consistency is key.

Each morning from 9a-11a? M/W/F evenings from 7p-9p? Every Saturday morning from 8a-10a? Choose the one you are most able to stick to.

circle around 3 daily time blocks in the content calendar

Step 2: Add Goals to Your Content Calendar Template

  • Copy your annual, quarterly, and monthly goals to the top of every corresponding month in your calendar.
  • This not-so-small detail will be a visual reminder every day of your main focus, which will help to guide all of your other content, as well as the unplanned business choices you need to make on the fly.
Goals displayed on monthly content calendar sheets

Step 3: Organize Your Calendar by Priority

  • Arrange your content calendar columns in order of the LARGEST (most macro) of your tasks on the left down to the SMALLEST (most micro) on the right.
  • I organize this by the actual size of the content I am creating. This way, I can repurpose content very efficiently.
  • By arranging them in this order on my content calendar, I visually know what any cell on any day will be referring to/supporting. (This will make more sense in steps 7 & 8, hold tight!)
arrows showing organization of content calendar topics

Free Skin Care Business Resource Guide

Vendors, Tips, Platforms, Photos, Courses...a go-to-guide for aspiring skin care entrepreneurs!

Skin Care Business Resource Guide

Step 4: Add Skin Care & Beauty Holidays

  • This column can be done at any time, but I like to do this as a first cell-filling exercise. It helps to overcome the feeling of working on a ‘blank canvas’ – it gets some spots filled in right away.
  • While holidays don’t specifically support our overall annual goals, it’s content! The goal of social media isn’t always to sell or educate, but rather to keep your business top-of-mind. Just make sure you’re keeping your holidays on-brand!
Event and holidays for beauty and skin care

Step 5: Create a Visual Publishing Schedule

  • Create a visual publishing ‘schedule’ by deciding how often you will be tending to each of your column topics throughout the month/week.
  • Change the cell color of each ‘due date’. E.g., how often you’ll be launching a new product, which day(s) you’ll be posting to Instagram, which day(s) you’ll start promoting a Pinterest pin, etc. This changed cell color will mark that an action needs to take place.
Cells with a different color demonstrating a task needs to be completed on content calendar

Step 6: Check for Schedule Balance

  • Before filling in the colored cells with actual content, do a self-check to see if the schedule you set for yourself is ACHIEVABLE.
  • Most of us are a business of ONE, meaning we have to do every task. The ideal publishing schedule isn’t always a realistic publishing schedule. We can’t do #allthethings WELL.
  • Tweak your task list and schedule as necessary to maintain balance and consistency.

Free Skin Care Business Resource Guide

Vendors, Tips, Platforms, Photos, Courses...a go-to-guide for aspiring skin care entrepreneurs!

Skin Care Business Resource Guide

Step 7: Fill in Your Most Important Tasks

  • Starting on the left with your most MACRO task column (which I am assuming will be product launches for your skin care line), fill in your cells with the exact item you’re planning to launch on the corresponding date.
  • If you’re not sure when to launch an item, use the branded skin care holidays as a guide (new lip scent on National Lip Day, new aphrodisiac aromatherapy roller launched three weeks before Valentine’s Day, etc.)
Circled dry skin serum launch date example

Step 8: Plan in Order of Importance

  • Every item on the rest of your calendar should trickle down from your macro task.
  • My personal business model example: After I create a product, I write 2-3 blog posts to promote it. I then write a separate newsletter sharing each new blog post. I also create three Instagram posts and three Instagram Stories per blog post, three Pinterest pins, and one promoted pin.
  • As you can see in the example content calendar filled out below, every blue box shown is promoting the launch of my Dry Skin Facial Serum.
Example content to be published to support dry skin facial serum launch

Step 9: Monthly Metrics Review

  • While not a part of most content calendar templates, the Growth Tracker in our version (second pink tab in the Google Sheets portion that says ‘Growth Tracker’) is unbelievably helpful.
  • At the end of every month, it is important to plug in the metrics for all of your marketing efforts and resulting revenue.
  • This helps to highlight any trends – is it clear that one social media platform is really working? One that isn’t? Do publication or content changes need to be made with the metrics in mind?
Growth Tracker that is included in the Skin Care Social Media and Content Calendar

Step 10: Quarterly Schedule Review

  • Planning a whole year at a time is highly recommended so that you can visualize the long-term. However, checking back and looking ahead at the beginning of every quarter is also helpful.
  • Evaluate your quarter and see if your schedule needs to be tweaked or updated. Life happens, customer feedback is received, goals shift. Don’t be afraid to bend if it means greater opportunities!

How Do I Manage My Content Calendar?

  • Once you lay the groundwork (and you just did if you followed along in the steps above!), managing your content calendar is simple.
  • Have it up on your computer EVERY DAY to keep your goals in mind and a super-clear focus.
  • Use your content calendar as a visual to-do list by changing the color of a cell after a task has been completed.

This is motivational, as well as helping to highlight any trends in your publishing schedule – is there one platform that you’re always missing a post on? Are you having a hard time getting newsletters written by the scheduled date? That’s the cue to revisit your overall strategy.

Changing colors of cells on content calendar to show they were completed

Learning how to use a content calendar for my handmade skin care business has been the BEST tool for my overall success. I look forward to hearing how it keeps you on track towards your goals as well!

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How to use a content calendar to manage your skin care business

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