Small as it may seem, lip balm can make a HUGE difference in your handmade ecommerce shop.  With companies like ChapStick® and EOS®, it is crystal clear that there is a DEMAND for this simple skin care item.

As the world becomes more aware of the dangers of synthetic ingredients in their personal care products, there has been a notable increase of higher sales for organic, chemical-free, and small batch skin care companies.

The base below is the foundation for the BEST natural lip balm recipe you will find, and the business possibilities are endless.

The first ten thousand dollars I made from my handmade skin care line came JUST from this lip balm recipe – my customers loved it so much they gifted it to other people, who in turn came back for more, then gifted as well, etc.

So excited to share this with you so that together we can spread the use of chemical-free, all-natural, SAFE products!


The Best Natural Lip Balm Recipe for Your Handmade Skin Care Line

Why Sell Natural Lip Balm in Your Ecommerce Shop?

If you have a handmade natural skin care shop, adding lip balm in the mix is a SMART business move for several reasons:

  • Almost everyone uses it, so it’s sure to fit in your target market regardless of niche.
  • This is a REALLY important product to be natural – it’s sure to be ingested, as well as absorbed into your skin.  Definitely not a place that you want a chemical-laden product to be.
  • Lip balm is a unisex product, so even if you tend to market towards women, you’ll still snag some buyers outside of your general customer base (depending on how you market yourself).
  • If you have a variety of lip balm scents, there are exponential ways to combine them into gift sets (either together or with other products that you make).

Set of 2

Set of 3

Set of 6

Set of 10

Why Is This the Best Organic Lip Balm Recipe Base for Your Line?

Our natural lip balm at Treesnail Natural Essentials is the most popular item in our shop and has been so successful that we could continue to grow our company with this alone.  My unique recipe gives our customers the confidence in us to branch out and try other products in our line that they normally wouldn’t search for on their own.

  • The beeswax base provides a high melting point (96° to be exact)
  • It lasts a crazy long time and is a constant reminder about your business
  • The high profit margin allows you to provide as gift sets, wholesale, or promotional add-ons.

Customer Reviews

“Love all the lip balms, but my favorite so far is Spiced Chai. I have them everywhere…purse, work, nightstand. The flavor/fragrance is light and just the right balance. Very moisturizing, not greasy and lasts, that’s if you can keep from  it off! This will definitely be my go-to place for lip balms.” – Nira

“This was sent as part of a gift with the handmade soap and soap dish. Not only was the soap well received, she went crazy over these lip balms. I have ordered the lip balms for myself and I also love their creamy, yummy texture!!!” – Deborah

“I love your products!!! I will never buy any other kind of lip balm. They make great gifts too. Amazing scents. Soo soft and love the oval shape.” – Dawn

“Love, love, love!!! Amazing product! All natural, “nothing funky” just as they say! Makes my lips so soft. Can’t wait to try other scents. Customer service was hands down perfect! Product shipped quickly! Came in a cute little package with a personal handwritten note thanking me for my business! Even had a nice little surprise included in my shipment. Thanks so much for being such an awesome company!!!” – Amy

Ingredients & Supplies for Natural Lip Balm Recipe Base

  • Stainless Double Boiler (I used a simple stainless steel bowl inside a shallow pot for years before switching over which works great too)
  • Engraved Measuring Spoons (If you plan on making a whole boatload of natural products, I highly recommend getting stainless steel with the measurements engraved…the oils quickly take the paint/ink off of the handles if printed on, and then you can’t tell which size is which)
  • Bamboo Skewers (for stirring lip balm…use a separate skewer for each lip balm scent you make)
  • Large Glass Droppers (you do NOT need these if you are pouring lip balm into tins or using a lip balm filling tray*)
  • Lip Balm Tubes (I am not a fan of the lip balm tins, but to each their own.  Unless you wash your hands before using your lip balm every single time, the tins just are not a sanitary container.)

Natural Lip Balm Recipe

1.  Fill sauce pan with a couple of inches of tap water.           
2.  Put your double boiler or stainless steel bowl on top of the pan.
3.  Add 3 Tbsp beeswax, 1 Tbsp shea butter, and 3.25 Tbsp coconut oil to the boiler/bowl.
4.  Put the pan on your heating surface and turn on to the lowest heat possible and wait for all ingredients to melt.  Note that this could take a half an hour or more.  While the ingredients would melt faster at a higher temperature, this compromises the benefits of the natural ingredients and also makes your lip balm tubes melt and/or leak lip balm out of the bottom (been there done that, my friend!).
5.  Stir with a wooden skewer…keep stirring with wooden skewer (you don’t have to stir constantly…go label some other products or check on your napping kids…just don’t forget about this on the heating surface!  Stirring about every 5 minutes is a good estimate).
6.  Give one final stir once all ingredients are completely melted and base is completely transparent.
7.  Remove from heat and add 4 drops of vitamin E. Stir with wooden skewer again.
8.  If you are adding essential oils, now is the time to drop them in with the designated pipettes for each oil.  As this tutorial does not cover the different oil blends that I use myself, please do some research and follow safety practices for using essential oils.  Keep to a 2% dilution rate or lower and be aware of phototoxic oils.       
9.  Stir with wooden skewer again to make sure all ingredients are combined well.

10.  Using a glass dropper*, fill each individual lip balm tube with the heated liquid balm until there is about 1/4″ of space left from the top and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

Though I have experimented with using lip balm filling trays on several occasions, it’s just not my thing.  While it seems like using the tray would save tons of time, the clean up and fixing of sink holes was significant.  I would rather be slow and steady than fill them up fast and do massive cosmetic reworking.  Filling with the droppers has also helped me to use every single bit of product with no waste (The mantra that my husband hears about 20 times a day: “Waste not, want not, that’s what I say!”)

11.  After lip balm has hardened a bit, fill the tube the rest of the way.

Why?  As the lip balm is hardening it creates a ‘sink hole’ in the middle of your poured balm when it is in a tube.  Letting it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before filling completely will result in a more aesthetically pleasing product.

12.  Let balms harden for another ten minutes and then cap (you can also label and shrink wrap at this point if you are creating to sell).

13.  Wait about 24 hours before using to makes sure it’s completely hardened throughout. Photograph your final product to post and market!

Things Worth Noting

  • As my product line is 100% all-natural, I have never used flavors, sweeteners, dyes, or fragrance oils in any of my products.  I do not know how the above recipe would react to the addition of these ingredients, so you will have to do that at your own risk.
  • I never ‘double’ this recipe (or any of my recipes), even when creating wholesale orders of hundreds of tubes.  Making many small batches rather than one large batch ensures consistency in every tube.
  • This recipe contains beeswax which makes it harden pretty quickly.  After the balm is off the stove, it could harden in your glass dropper as you are transferring it into the tubes.  If this happens, remove the rubber top off of the glass dropper and push the balm down and out of the dropper hole back into the boiler with your wooden skewer to remelt.
  • If your bowl of lip balm hardens while transferring to the tubes, reheat the double boiler on the lowest setting until liquid again and remove as soon as possible.
  • I recommend keeping a separate dropper and skewer for each lip balm scent you make so that there is never crossing over of any essential oils.  This ensures consistency and is a good practice for all of your ingredients and supplies, especially with items that may cause allergies (such as Sweet Almond Oil).
  • Do not use the plastic pipettes to transfer the heated, liquid lip balm into the lip balm tubes.  They WILL melt.  You will have contaminated product and burnt fingers.  The glass droppers ARE necessary if using this method.

Can You Use Essential Oils in Lip Balm?

Abso-freakin-lutely.  Please do!  Essential oils are a natural way to scent your balms, they make a really great variety of gift set possibilities for your line, and may provide therapeutic benefits to boot.

Want More HIGH-CONVERTING Recipe Ideas?

If you are a maker with newfound inspiration, the lip balm recipe above is just the tip of the iceberg.

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I included every ingredient, every recipe, and every ecommerce listing that I used to take my handmade skin care shop from earning $30 a month to a full-time income.

This ebook provides you with:

  • products that are popular for ONLINE sales
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What Are Your Favorite Essential Oil Blends to Use in Natural Lip Balm?

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Author, Christine Glaser

Author, Christine Glaser

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