The Top 3 Mistakes I Made When Starting My Handmade Skin Care Business

Reflecting back on my now-thriving business, I had to scratch my head and say, “What in the WORLD took me SO LONG to get consistent, repeat traffic on a schedule that was actually REALISTIC?” – the answer boils down to these three mistakes…

Mistake #1: Having ZERO CLUE who my audience was

• When I first opened my online shop, I didn’t have a specific target audience in mind. I sold products that I had the ingredients for (not necessarily based on what a customer avatar would be looking for).

• My business branding was a combination of hues and fonts that I thought looked lovely (no deep-dive into what would represent my mission, values, or what my audience would be attracted to).

• My product descriptions were incredibly ‘bleh’ because I just wanted to appeal to EVERYONE (Anyone will like my products!!! Young and old, male and female, rich and poor, right???…sound familiar?).

Mistake #2: Not Having a Marketing Plan

• At first I did absolutely NO promotion whatsoever, thinking that if I published something online and used great SEO (search engine optimization), I would show up when someone did a Google search.

• Once I realized I needed to drive my own traffic to my site(s), I used the most popular social media platform at that time…without doing any research to see if that’s where my customers were actually engaging.

Mistake #3: Not Having Systems Set Up on the Back End

I didn’t have an inventory system, so I would randomly get an order for a set of 100 lip tints or 1,500 lip balms…without the ingredients or packaging for that quantity on hand. Yikes.

• I had no set pricing strategy or structure, so when a bride-to-be would message me about a 20% discount (on an already bulk-priced favor set), I would agree without realizing I was making it all for COST.

• I didn’t have vendor logs or a cost tracking system. Every time I needed to replenish supplies, I would price-check all the vendors I knew and and even try (yet again) to find new companies…just in case I had missed one. I would look for hours to spend the least amount of money possible, without ever recording my research.

Luckily for you and me both, those mistakes were between the years of 2012 – 2017.

In 2017, I had no option but to figure out how to turn my skin care side gig into a full-time income…

…as a stay-at-home mom with two babies under the age of three.


It won’t say it was easy.

Sacrifices were made. Tears were shed. Sleep was lost. Doubt crept in.

But I did it…


  ⭐️  I rebranded my business.

  ⭐️  All decisions were made with my target market in mind.

  ⭐️  I figured out the key to online marketing.

  ⭐️  I set up an entire array of systems to keep me organized and efficient.


My handmade skin care business blossomed into a career that actually earned me MORE than any previous job, with my little girls by my side.

And I could have done it FIVE MILLION TIMES FASTER had I had a mentor in the SAME industry with tools SPECIFIC to our industry.

After blogging about creating handmade skin care products for about a year, I started receiving emails from other women that wanted to create a similar DIY skin care business ASAP.

Having a home-based business as a back-up plan for financial security will be the norm going forward, whether it be as a side-gig or the whole shebang. 

Handmade skin care sales are on FIRE…especially if you’re on the natural and organic train.

 If you’re reading this, congrats on finding an AMAZING industry to dive into.

This website is dedicated to spilling every secret, every tool, every step in the process that I took to create a successful, thriving, scalable, FULL-TIME INCOME skin care business from my own kitchen.

This is a business model that you can absolutely COPY and start TODAY.

On this site, you will find blog posts, downloads, and courses for:

Natural skin care recipes that you DON’T need to go through a skin care formulation course to master. You have a sauce pot, a stove, and the recommended ingredients?  You have a business in the making.

To be successful, you have to have an identifiable, consistent brand. Color palette, fonts, packaging, product labels, unboxing, and even the way you speak to your customer.

The skin care and beauty industry was MADE for social media with the type of visual content we have. I highlight Instagram and Pinterest, though the tips can be used on many different online marketing platforms.

Behind every successful business there is a method to the madness. I have tips and spreadsheets galore to share with you that will make your growth transitions seamless.

Wanting some cozy connection?

• My name is Christine (oh hey!). I’ve been an official Maker-of-Things and serial entrepreneur all of my life.

• With a bachelors degree in K-12 art education, this whole TEACHING people how to MAKE things and turn them into a BUSINESS comes together nicely, wouldn’t you say???

• In addition to creating content and handmade business tools, I am in the process of becoming a certified aromatherapist and essential oil specialist so that I can share even more research-backed skin care recipes with you (and even a little organic chemistry and physiology along the way!).

• I dream about chili-infused dark chocolate, dry cabernet, bold coffee, and being a roadie with any of the following that would have me: Iron & Wine, Dave Matthews, Alanis Morisette, Simon & Garfunkel, Ray LaMontagne, James Taylor, Spencer Day, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros…*sigh*.

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