One word that describes you, my wonderful reader?

Change. Maker.


You’re on this site because you know that natural skin care is about MUCH more than blemish-free skin or getting a ‘dewy look’.

Just like you know that being healthy is much more than eating right and getting in 30 minutes of daily cardio.

You believe in the importance of natural living…you know it is absolutely crucial to overall health, wellness, and quality of life.

You know that skin is the largest organ on the human body and that it absorbs whatever you put on it…and if you wouldn’t drink chemical-laden water, you also wouldn’t use chemical-laden products.

You are ready to shout from the rooftops the dangers of using skin care products that have fragrances, synthetics, and other carcinogens.

You are ready to share your education, products, and story with an online audience.

Whether you want to add a meaningful project to your life or you have a solid dream of starting a scalable business from your home – you’re in the right place with that fired-up passion of yours.

Since you’re here and found yourself to the ‘About’ page, something tells me that you’re ready to learn more about this whole handmade skin care gig, that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and that ideas are already flowing.

But maybe you’re flooded…

  • with too much information about how to get started…
  • with other to-dos from the already busy life that you lead and don’t know how to fit something else in…
  • with amazing products and/or marketing ideas already but don’t know how to get them ‘out there’ into the world…

Wherever you are in your journey, you have a mission that is bursting to get out of you…and I’m here to help you do that – without the overwhelm.

My name is Christine Glaser, and I am OBSESSED with teaching creative individuals how to turn their passion for natural living into scalable DIY skin care businesses from their own kitchens.

How did this become my life?

In 2012, I was living in Santa Monica, California, taking the Big Blue Bus back and forth to my 9 to 5 at UCLA. Sunny CA was beyond beautiful, but my office job left the creative side of my brain completely untapped.

I already had a vacant Etsy shop that I had opened to sell my paintings and mixed media artwork a few years prior. With a newfound passion for essentials oils and DIY skin care, I decided to rebrand my shop during hours of daily bus time (thank you, iPhone).

I didn’t know a thing about graphic design, taking product photos, or even how to work ‘The Facebook’. Online courses weren’t a thing yet, and Pinterest was still just a place where you got cute party decor ideas.

Even still, I managed to make a couple of sales and received amazing feedback – and my shop became a flat-out obsession.

I started waking up two hours earlier than normal to improve my product descriptions, I researched even more natural ingredients on my lunch break, and edited photos for my listings on the weekends.

It paid off.  My shop was…working.

Time-lapse version of the next five years:

Business grew. Got married. Moved back to our hometown in St. Louis. Popped out two kids. And found myself unexpectedly as a stay-at-home mom (helloooooo child care costs).

I was able to replace my pre-mom salary with ecommerce skin care sales that I would fulfill in between nap times and meal prep.

And then (cue dramatic music)


Then I took an online course that turned me in the WRONG direction and completely wiped me off the slate.


Thousands of dollars a month in sales down to maybe $30. Maybe.

Not even close to covering business expenses.

It. Was. Terrifying. Trying not to sob out of fear on the daily with a newborn on my boob and a toddler needing all the patience while learning how to go potty.

With about zero extra minutes to spare, I started my business over from the ground up.

This time with a new understanding of what it takes to make an actual marketing plan rather than just a business. A plan that wouldn’t leave me dependent on just ONE traffic source.

A plan that allowed for multiple income streams in case one disappeared.

There was absolutely no way I was giving up after years of building my brand.

Two years later, I found myself not just back in the game, but doubling the highest sales month I had ever had.

WITH my two little girls at home with me.

WITHOUT my head stuck in a computer all day.

 It. Did. Not. Happen. Overnight.

I sifted through about a million tools that did not work to find the ones that DID.

Platforms, vendors, services, schedulers, printers. You name it, I tried it.

So that now, YOU don’t have to.

I am SO eager to help you build your own skin care business (with tools that work the FIRST time)…even if you only have a handful of hours a week to do it.

Through my own online courses, business guides, a Facebook community, and more, I am on a mission to help you make your natural-entrepreneur-dreams come to life.

Ready to skip over hours of Googling and Pinterest-ing to find the best way to start your online empire?

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