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You want to build a home-based business – but you keep getting stuck down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole looking for ideas, shortcuts, and what other makers have done to create a business while already juggling a full plate.

Maybe you’re sitting at your desk, dreaming while on the clock, looking for a long-term project that will get you on your feet and allow you to play, experiment, and stretch the creative side of your brain.

Or maybe you’re a mommy that needs something that is ‘just yours’ – but it seems impossible to do research and change diapers and meal prep and teach sharing and potty train and do laundry…and and and.

Through my online resources, discover that starting a business from home IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE…on a part-time schedule…and without drowning in overwhelm.

I’m SO excited to share the tools that work for this business – I’VE. TRIED. IT. ALL.

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